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There are lots of things I need to disclose about me here, but I would like to tell you only the positive surface of my life. So myself I am writing as a successful and ideological hot female ad model in Bangalore. Just follow my write-ups as the way of introduction of an independent escorts Bangalore. I have completed my studies in Mumbai, as a student of most leading University of Mumbai I was an outstanding performer in my student life. After completing my graduation I have joined in a private company for my daily bread even my dreams were flying very high of my life. The salary for my job was only nominal as I am compared to my dream life. I feel very bad with my life and job because I understood that this is nothing for my dream life. At that time one of my friend suggested going for modeling where I will get lots of opportunity to achieve my dreamful life.

It was a turning point for me, I have joined in a leading modeling training centre in Mumbai and slowly my dreams got wings. After completing my studies in modeling and fashion I decided to come to Bangalore where I hope I will get more opportunities and dreamful life. I got my first opportunity as hot ad model in a TV ad for underwear and it was a multinational company with a very good brand name. This opportunity lifted me to the extreme level of modeling in Bangalore. My body shape and sex appeal made more clients attracted to me. And of course they utilized me in all the ways but I enjoyed a lot, because they opened me to a world of enjoyment and money. I have visited most of the places in Asia with my clients. I understood that I became an escort girl in Bangalore. I have changed my boyfriends day by day for enjoying my life. Still I am enjoying my life with money, boyfriends and sex, thanks for spending time for reading my page of life.

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Sakshi is a fresh face in Bangalore escorts. She has started to deliver her services 3 months back and she will choose top clients only.


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